Students Works and Exhibits

Architecture Colleges in Mangalore

Students Works and Exhibits

Design submitted by Ahmed Mashal and Bipin Pal (eighth semester) for the "120 Hours" International Architecture Student Competition. This work was exhibited at the Oslo School of Architecture, Svalbard, Norway.

In Praise of Bamboo: (29th May – 10th June)

2 week workshop conducted by Vaibhav Kaley. Vaibhav Kale is co-founder of Wonder Grass, an enterprise in bamboo building system. Outline of the workshop was to introduce bamboo as a building material resource to students. Students explored and experimented with bamboo for making building components and explored structural qualities of the material and its joineries.

Heritage and Conservation (5th June – 10th June)

1 week workshop conducted by Pankaj Modi . Pankaj Modi is a conservation architect and has been involved in many restoration projects around the country. This workshop was a combination of research, documentation, hands on experience and site visits. Within Mangalore area several locations with potential heritage value were identified and these sites were researched and documented by the participants.

Paper Engineering (29th May – 31st May)

3 day workshop conducted by Arun Desai. Arun Desai is India’s only Paper Engineer. He is post graduate in Mathematics and did his research on Geometric constructions through paper folding for which he was conferred the degree of Paper Engineer. Workshop had exercises which helped participants to create challenging and appealing installations.

Cardboard Furniture Workshop (01st June to 3rd June):

3 day workshop conducted by Bangalore based design driven makerspace THE WORKSHOP. Participants were taught how to design and construct furniture out of cardboard by exploring its structural qualities, testing joints and cutting technologies.

3D Printing Workshop (05th June to 07th June)

3 day workshop conducted by Contrawax 3D Systems. Principles and backgrounds of 3D Printing was explained to participants so that participants are ready to use this promising technique in the future.

Dream Draw Design (08th June to 10th June)

3 day workshop conducted by Ajit Rao. Ajit Rao is an architect, sculptor, painter, designer, cartoonist, caricaturist, comic-book artist, and animation trainer. This workshop was to awake the dominant consciousness in participants towards subtle design elements such as scale, proportion and composition

Pilikula Nisarga Dhama, Aug –Nov 2017: Cane, Pottery, Carpentry, Handloom August, 2017 – November, 2017

The weekend sessions of hands on approach of students of Nitte Institute of Architecture were conducted at the Pilikula Artisans Village, a unit under the Pilikula Nisarga Dhama at Mangalore. As an outcome students were able to interact with local artists and understand the importance of applied functions on varied fields like cane, handloom, clay and carpentry first hand by the artists themselves.

Outdoor landscape painting

17th March, 2018 Workshop was based on observation of location and recording it through representational quality, in fact converting the fundamental understanding such as the interplay of light and shades on the location, analytical illusion of volume , solidity , dimension , dept other detail factors as in structure , components , material , perspective etc . With these objective the resource person artist Syed Asif Ali gave demonstration to our students of 2nd sem and 1st sem.

Workshop on Tensile structure

31st March, 2018 The program was conducted to imbibe the idea of tensile structure its use, also understanding the structural behavior of the material as per the form. Students were asked to take the form from the previous exercise and transform it to tensile structure of the same, along with the understanding of the support system. As well as exploring the use of it as a shading device or as a kinetic sculpture.