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cane workshopWhen the group of students first entered the Pilikula Cane and Bamboo weaving centre, they were amazed to see the huge products of cane and bamboo that had been made there. In the beginning they were briefed about the history of cane, the different types and where they’re found. They went in search of cane in the forest trying to comprehend the various properties associated with cane. Then they proceeded with cleaning the cane in the workshop and started designing the first product; a magazine basket. They worked with fire to twist and turn the cane and then polish the products .Then they nailed some cane to a rocking chair, made few lamp shades, wall hangings, a door hanging, an apple chair, and also did mat weaving and basket weaving. They also went to the bamboo forest to explore some kinds of bamboo. They learnt, enjoyed and experienced a lot many things over there.