Summer School 2020-21

Aug 5, 2021

Over the last few years since its inception, the attempt of the NIA summer school has been to bring in resources from diverse design domains and nurture creative learning. Special emphasis is given to the process of creative thinking, making and exploring & and experimenting with new materials. Under the current pandemic scenario, we would be unable to host it in its original workshop and travel-based format. To overcome this optimistically, the attempt to current year's Summer School is to host a Diverse Design thinking program as a Master Class conducted by some of the major national and international practicing architects and academicians. The Summer School is scheduled from 5th to 10th August and 16th to 22nd August 2021. The Master Class would be conducted under the title "Architectural Approaches", exploring the genesis of creation. The journey undertaken here is to dissect the process involved in making critical negotiations in the act of design thus setting up a larger inquiry towards propositions of an appropriate architecture. These approaches would be explored under the title 'Theoretical Thinking' and 'Sustainability'. The aim here is to establish a student's professional education through exposure to the underlying structure of these critical practices. This exposure will help to nurture creative and intellectual independence that leads towards authentically inspired design and research.

Creative Writing
The Summer workshop will begin with a Creative Writing session to introduce various aspects of creative writing to augment learning from ongoing sessions. The objective of the Creative Writing workshop is to develop writing skills that focus on the fundamentals & methods of writing structure and help students to demonstrate the acquired skills in writing observations and the final note as an Essay.

Master Class
Theoretical Thinking
Theoretical Thinking identifies practices that engage with ideologies that bring in meaning and power into architecture, thereby exploring theoretical influence in architectural production.
Sustainability will deal with practices that are engaged with alternate building techniques and ideologies that aim towards bringing ecology and the built environment closer.