Summer School 2020-21 | Sustainability Master Class by Architect Chitra Vishwanath

Aug 7, 2021

The summer school titled "Sustainability Master Class" by Architect Chitra Vishwanath was conducted from 7th to 12th August 2021 in online mode. The topic focussed on was 'City, Play and Nature'. The sessions aimed at developing a deeper understanding about the physical environment and the play that happens in the built form. The outcome aimed at understanding "Pause", "Breathing Space" and "Playfulness of space" through the traditional Mangaluru design elements and proposing a design intervention.

Chitra Vishwanath is a principal architect at Biome Environmental Solutions which is a Bangalore-based design firm. The firm focuses on ecology, architecture, and water. Her ideas of sustainability are not just limited to details and drawings on paper, but brings change at a grass root level and reach masses. Her understanding of the local materials and alternative technology brings sustainability in a true sense. Her philosophy and ideas on water, ecology, materials, and sustainability is an attempt to change the world, one square feet at a time.