Summer School 2020-21 | Creative Writing Workshop by Mr. Waseem Mushtaq

Aug 5, 2021

On the first day of the workshop, Mr. Waseem Mushtaq introduced the topic 'Creative Writing' and how it gives endless freedom to explore writing. He also explained how it differs from other types of writing. He also conducted a fun writing exercise about creating captions for images. The second day of the workshop began with reviewing and advising improvements to the 'Short Story' assignment given to the students. A session introducing 'Script Writing ' which was one of the most awaited topics was taken next. Before concluding the workshop Mr. Waseem Mushtaq engaged the students in an interactive session where he answered questions from students and also shared his experiences of writing and reporting for BBC.

Mr. Waseem Mushtaq is a BBC digital journalist and covers South Asia for the BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific team. He analyses and writes about major developments in South Asia, with an emphasis on India, Pakistan, and Kashmir. As a native of Kashmiri, he also has a deep understanding of the Kashmir conflict and its political ramifications.