MoU on Knowledge Sharing with RVS Padmavathy School of Architecture

Aug 2, 2021

In the wake of recent architectural development in the country, architectural education has taken a huge turn towards innovation and collaboration. Students are learning from more than just in the institution and a wide variety and diversity of exposure and opportunities is becoming a mandate in education. The cross-cultural learning that is widespread in the west is now taking a huge wave across our nation and such an era calls for collective and dynamic growth in a symbiotic manner.

In consideration of the above, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 2nd August 2021, between Nitte Institute of Architecture represented by its Director, Ar. Vinod Aranha and RVS Padmavathy School of Architecture, represented by its Director, Mr. C. P. Stephen. The areas of collaboration under this MoU include Academic Exchange, Infrastructural Exchange and Faculty Exchange.