Child and The City

Architecture Colleges in Mangalore

Child and The City

Child and the City

Semester 7

Students in the seventh semester participated in a one-week ‘Child and the City’ workshop that was conducted in collaboration with RVS

Padmavathy School of Architecture (RVS), Chennai and Asian School of Architecture and Design Innovations (ASADI), Kochi. The workshop looked at urban spaces from the perspective of children, and asked questions about whether their city offers them the right type, and size, of space to grow into healthy adults.

Students in Chennai documented and assessed three parks and a playground in the T. Nagar area of Chennai and came up with ideas to improve the quality of these spaces for children. They also had a chance to interact with several resource persons including architects, photographers and activists.

Students in Mangalore worked with children studying in BEM School in Mangalore to understand the children’s view of the public spaces near the school, and then designed interventions that would help to improve the experience of the school children as they travel to and from their school.