LEED Lab | Nitte Institute of Architecture (NIA)


Sustainability is one of the main tenets of architectural education at the Nitte Institute of Architecture (NIA). The course curriculum has been framed to allow students to develop the ability to design with a deep understanding of people, place and natural systems. LEED Lab was started at NIA with the objective of giving students the opportunity to learn about sustainable building using a practical and immersive approach. As part of this program, students at NIA are assessing the performance of their college building under the framework of LEED. The building will eventually be LEED certified.

The LEED (Leadership is Energy and Environmental Design) rating system was developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and is the most widely used green building certification program in the world. Because of its global outreach, the LEED Lab program equips our students to compete on an international stage. The experience working on a live LEED project not only provides students theoretical and practical knowledge about how green buildings perform, but also helps to develop essential management, communication and critical thinking skills thereby preparing them for their professional careers.