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Pass in 10+2 with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and also 50% marks in aggregate of the 12th std. examination.  Candidates should qualify in the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) conducted by the Council of Architecture (CoA) or clear JEE- Paper II aptitude test in Architecture.

Duration: 5 Years

Course Format:
Course format refers to the way a course is taught, delivered or learned. Lecture and Studio formats are the most common. Other formats include workshop, research, internship, seminar, and field trip. Lecture: Lecture usually involves an intense, direct and focused presentation of concepts and learning of a specific course of study.

Studio: Studio is one in which hands-on instruction in received in various courses involving drawing/sketching/skill like Design, Building Construction & Materials, Visual Arts and Graphics.

Structure of the program: The program is structured on Credit Based System and Continuous Evaluation following the semester pattern. A candidate shall have earned a total of 234 credits to be eligible for the award of B.Arch degree of the University. As a partial fulfillment of the requirements of the B.Arch program a candidate is required to complete Co-operative Learning, Internship or Practical training, and Special study courses.

Co-operative Education: Cooperative education is experiential learning beyond the classroom that balances full-timework experience with academics which is adequately supervised and evaluated, and discipline related. Students gain practical experience in their chosen field, acquire an understanding of the world of work, integrate theory and practice, and have the opportunity to further develop professional and interpersonal skills.

Students in the sixth semester will use the cooperative education model as integrated learning pattern semester and do a “Co-operative learning” course.

Internship/ Practical training: Students will have to undergo at least one-hundred working days of internship in the ninth semester as per the norms laid by the Council of Architecture, India in an approved firm established not less than five years with a registered architect.

Special Study Courses: To fulfil the requirements of the B.Arch program a candidate is required to complete 12 credits of Special Study courses in addition to the 222 credits mandated by the program. Such courses may be offered by the institution itself either or undertaken elsewhere during vacations in workshop or lecture format. A candidate taking up Special Study Courses in summer will be graded and marks reflected in the final semester marks sheet.