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About NIA

Nitte Institute of Architecture (NIA) was started in August 2015 at Mangalore and has been developing very nicely into what would eventually be a world-class institution which in due course will be offering degree programs in architecture, urban planning, product and interior design, conservation and the arts.

We have envisioned this school to be a centre of excellence in tropical architecture with partners across the globe. A hallmark of the program is the co-op education model that is introduced as a hybrid within the school's curriculum. Here students have the opportunity to intern with architects, urban designers, artists and artisans all through the course, gaining invaluable practical experience. We are setting up research centres dealing with smart cities, alternative technologies and energy/sustainability. We encourage faculty to go beyond teaching and either perform research or do some form of consulting. We have already started to forge partnerships with universities in Europe and the US. USGBC would collaborate on the LEED Lab program.

Nitte Institute of Architecture (NIA) will lead a new generation of design professionals with a deeper understanding of architecture and design for a more mature use of urban planning, energy and sustainability practices.