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Kite design

kite design workshop

NIA teamed up with the international kite festival held on the 16th and 17th of January 2016 at Panambur beach. It was hosted by Rotary clubs of the Mangalore region, and ‘Team Mangalore’, a hobby group of kite-flyers. NIA utilized the immense capacity of professional kite flyers from around the world to mentor its first year students of architecture on kite design and its technicalities of lift and drag at the beach. Two international groups (a) U.K. group led by Bob, and (b) Australian group led by Michael Alvares of Kite Kinetics conducted workshops on kite making and flying for the students at the NIA school premises.

‘PATANG’, a kite flying competition, organised by Team Blue and Souhardha Yuvaka Mandala, Mangalore was held on the 21st of February, at Someshwar beach. Having exposure to an exclusive workshop working with kites, the students of second semester B.Arch. of NIA took advantage of the skill learned and participated in this open competition. They diligently designed various kinds of kites and came up with exceptional designs. A unique combination of delta and box-kite designed by students of NIA won the first prize at this competition.